Galaxy Clay

Hui-Yong Kim (pronounced He-Young) is a talented artist with passion for pottery and ceramics. A native of South Korea, she trained in Singapore under Master Chuan Siang Boon. Upon moving to the United States, she furthered her education at the Portland Community College Ceramic Studio, learning to incorporate works heavily influenced by the perfection and elegance of traditional Asian forms with the spontaneous creativity of American culture. She now owns and operates her own studio, “Galaxy Clay”, named after her fired raku pieces which mimic the breathtaking magnificence of our galaxy. Her collections include decorative vases, house-wares, and jewelry. Her pieces are always evolving as she experiments with different clays, new shapes and textures, one of a kind hand-mixed glazes, and anything else she can think of. Hui-Yong and her brand, “Galaxy Clay”, are the epitome of East meets West. Her combinations of time honored Asian design and modern American art create unique and memorable pieces that will delight and inspire for generations.